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Wooden handmade crate containing high-quality farm products, with a dessert of chocolate and wine, that will upgrade any family meal.



  • Red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Jerusalem Winery, 750 ml
  • Extra-virgin Israeli olive oil, 500 ml
  • Silan and ginger stir-fry sauce, no sugar added, 320 gram
  • Classic chocolate silan spread, 100 grams
  • Wild flower pure honey, 250 grams
  • Pesto, basil and cashew spread, 190 grams
  • Pickled lemon spread, 190 grams
  • Chocolate, silan and hazelnut spread, 60 grams
  • Halva-flavored spread with whole tahini, 60 grams
  • Classic milk/white chocolate, 100 grams

Crate of Delicacies

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