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North America

Garin LAVI

LAVI Olami initiates student activities for Jewish thought and the strengthening of Jewish identity on university campuses throughout North America with an emphasis on exploring the most challenging issues currently confronting the State of Israel and broader Jewish world.


LAVI’s objective on campuses is to create space for those committed to actively participating in Jewish history to collectively examine Zionism’s ideological foundations, age-old Jewish national aspirations, past achievements and current challenges with an eye towards practically applying ancient Hebrew values and aspirations to the chapter of Jewish history in which we find ourselves today.


GPS Retreats

LAVI runs intensive leadership seminars tailored to meet the needs of each regional branch with a focus on Israel Advocacy, Jewish history, team building and community organizing. The term GPS expresses the objective of these seminars – to serve as guidance system for young adults seeking to assume active roles in the story of the Jewish people.

Reaching Beyond

LAVI organizes a wide variety of trips to Israel, including summer and winter break programs that bring young leaders to experience their homeland through a multi-layered perspective while focusing on the Jewish people’s great achievements and current challenges.

Prehistoric Rocks


Meir Vanchotzker, CEO of Lavi Olami

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