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LAVI Houses

LAVI Olami houses create a framework that incorporates meaningful Jewish experiences with social activities for students and young Jews ages 18-30. LAVI Olami seeks to strengthen the pride and sense of belonging in the Jewish people- to encourage actively writing the pages of history, to participate in the revival of the Jewish people, and to inspire students to join in the continuity of the Jewish people.

LAVI Olami Houses are managed by young Israeli shlichim- idealistic and motivated volunteers who dream of saving the next generation from the negative effects of assimilation. LAVI shlichim connect young people with their Judaism, teach Hebrew and Jewish history (with a focus on the rebirth of Israel in its land), and provide a fun and open environment. The shlichim open their homes, LAVI Houses, and hearts to combine social activities with Jewish and Zionist content.

Lavi Olami Houses in Europe

Germany: Berlin, Cologne 
Austria: Vienna


Future Lavi Olami Houses
Amsterdam, Holland; Zurich, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; 
Athens, Greece; Rome, Italy; Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Hungary, Budapest

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Beit Midrash LAVI

LAVI Olami operates Beit Midrash LAVI study centers for young adults in communities across the globe. Activities at these centers include social gatherings, regular seminars on a variety of pressing issues, communal dinners, participatory discussions and scholarly lectures from some of the Jewish world’s most innovative thinkers. 


LAVI organizes a variety of seminars, including a student trip to Poland and a Zionism trip in Europe. These longer seminars are designed to give the participants a deep understanding of Jewish History, insights into the development of Jewish culture and society, as well as tracing the Zionist vision that was always present amongst our people.

GPS Retreats

LAVI runs intensive leadership seminars tailored to meet the needs of each regional branch with a focus on Israel Advocacy, Jewish history, team building and community organizing. The term GPS expresses the objective of these seminars – to serve as guidance system for young adults seeking to assume active roles in the story of the Jewish people. 


Yoav Cohen-Hadad, CEO Lavi Olami

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