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What we do and why

LAVI was established in 2012 as a Jerusalem-based educational non-profit aiming to connect Jewish young adults throughout the world to the story of their people currently unfolding in their homeland.


The focus of our pedagogical efforts is to identify where we currently find ourselves in Jewish history, what national aspirations have yet to be fulfilled and how we as individuals can participate in the story of our people. We aim to encourage independent thinking and facilitate vigorous discussion amongst students and young adults seeking leadership roles in the Jewish world. Our programs and initiatives reflect the spirit of our ancient culture and universal values in crafting an inspiring vision for the State of Israel’s future rooted in the collective Jewish experience and our age-old national yearnings.


LAVI encourages a holistic approach to Jewish identity consistent with our people’s basic values and historic aspirations. Through exploring ancient texts, discussing current events and deeply engaging with perspectives from across the Jewish spectrum, LAVI works to provide a much-needed forum for in-depth analysis and discussion relating to some of the most pressing issues currently challenging our people.

We work in close cooperation with several Jewish organizations for young adults, helping to inspire within their students a strong national consciousness and desire to participate as active players in Jewish history.


In addition to our ongoing Israel-based programs, LAVI boasts active chapters in Europe and various activities in North America.

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